Are you there yet?

Are you there yet!

Have you reached the goals you set for yourself some time ago? Are you looking forward to the moment when you have completed your objective? In other words, are you there yet? If not, what is holding you back? Are you still progressing towards your dream or have you been sidetracked by some type of life event that has altered the course you were set on?

Having personally made plans in the past and having had to alter them I am aware of the challenges we all face in regards to achieving our goals or reaching a certain destination. Of all people, I know that sometimes this is more difficult than it seems especially when so many things get in the way of realizing that success, but let me reassure you that it is possible to reach your goals and dreams.

Last month I was having a conversation with a young colleague of mine and we were discussing goal achievement and not knowing which path to take to reach his final destination. His concern was that he wouldn’t get there in the timeframe that he had set for himself, because he had so many tasks ahead of him. I informed him that it wasn’t necessarily a sprint, but rather it was a marathon and as long as he remained vigilant and continued to press forward that he would eventually get there.

I also suggested that he make a list of all of the tasks ahead of him and to prioritize the list beginning with the most important task first and ending with the least important. The main reason for this suggestion is so that he could deliberately focus on the most important tasks, rather than spreading himself so thin and not realizing any successes. Realizing those small successes helps propel you to the next task and reenergizes you to want to experience more successes.

Although, this blog is jokingly titled are you there yet, the main reason for writing this particular blog was to assist you by encouraging you to stay focused on continuing to work toward task completion and eventually you will achieve your goals which in-turn will lead you to your desired end state. Just last week I had a discussion with an individual who reminded me that even though we have identified our goals we must take it one day at a time so that we are not overwhelmed and discouraged by all of the tasks ahead of us.

So, the next time someone asks, “Are you there yet” you can reply that you are on your way to goal completion and that you will eventually get there as long as you take it one day at a time.

Dr. Joseph E. Hamlett

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