Change you Mindset!

Change your Mindset!

Why is changing your mindset important? What are some of the positive outcomes associated with changing your mindset? For starters changing your mindset provides you with the opportunity to refocus your efforts towards a new and more meaningful purpose. What if you changed your mindset to welcome the unknown rather than resist, push back or fight to hold onto the past and/or the old ways of doing things. Imagine for one moment that you don’t resist or push back, but rather you go with the flow and you allow your mind to be opened to the possibilities?

Based on my own personal experiences over the years I was not always able to realize the benefits of changing my mindset until I modified how I looked at things. Believe me, even after all of the successes I have experienced in recent years I still struggle in certain situations with changing my mindset. If my memory serves me well, one of the first times I realized I needed to change my mindset was when I began my education journey 12 years ago. My realization that I needed to change my mindset all started with me formulating a plan to finish my college degree in very short order, but what I had not yet considered was the fact that it was not going to happen overnight.

When I first began my education journey I was naïve to believe that I could just going into this with the same approach and same mindset I had taken on so many other tasks and projects. What I quickly realized was that I needed to change my mindset to allow me to refocus my efforts towards completing my college degree and once I accepted that fact I was able to channel all of my energy into nine straight years of focused determination that ultimately led to me completing a doctorate degree.

As I previously stated, I didn’t happen upon this revelation immediately nor without any reservations, however, I must admit that once I realized I was doing myself more harm than good I embraced the fact that I needed to change my mindset and once I did, I opened my mind to the endless possibilities and I continue to be amazed almost daily what I am able to accomplish once I change my mindset.

Have you figured out what is keeping you from changing your mindset? If not, I challenge you to dig deep inside to determine what is keeping you from realizing those endless possibilities!

Dr. Joseph E. Hamlett

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