Executive Retreat/Organizational Leaders

– Leadership
– Mentoring
– Knowledge Management
– Organization Perception

Leadership Training/First Time Supervisors – Leadership

Leadership Training Finance Staff/Human Resource Staff – Teamwork

Leadership Training Finance Staff/Human Resource Staff – Helping Others Reach Their Potential

Motivational/Inspirational Speaking High School Students – Military, Education, Life, Goals

Presentation – Entry Level Employees – Professional Development

Mentoring launch and presentation – 1,000 Members – Professional Development

Radio show interview on Industry Talk Live at KUAW.ORG

Leadership Training/Headquarters Staff – Team Building

Professional Development – Leadership Essentials

2018 DEOMI Collaborate Series Panel Member

Book Signing Event: 

Meet Author Dr. Joe Hamlett / From Ordinary to Exceptional, Saturday January 13, 2018, 11:00am – 3:00pm at the Historic Lincoln Building in the Kansas City, MO Jazz District.

“Dr. Hamlett is an excellent presenter and trainer for individuals and organizations. He is a strong believer in personal growth and professional development.  His training workshops are thoughtful and research based. Dr. Hamlett’s core values of integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do, permeates all that he says and does in his workshops.”

 – Phillip L. Pringle, Director of Psychological Health.

Phil Pringle

Phil Pringle



Dr. Joe Hamlett conveys the Organization and Leadership material an organization needs. Learned a great deal at a Strategic Planning Retreat.”

– James Treu, PhD, Supervisor,  Benefits Operation Center, FAA.

James Treu, PhD

James Treu, PhD