It’s a Marathon not a Sprint!

Have you reached the long-term goals you set for yourself some time ago? Have you been successful in reaching your medium-term goals? What about the short-term goals? If you answered no to all three of the preceding questions then I would be somewhat concerned because it would appear that you are not moving forward. However, if you are achieving some of your goals along the way and on a consistent basis, then you are on right on track to ultimately reaching your final destination. Or are you of the opinion that you have won only if you have finished the entire race?

If the latter is true then let me reassure you that you should be relieved to know that the intent is to be in this so-called race for the long haul, rather than be content with speeding to your next achievements or goals. My recommendation is for you to view this as an opportunity to keep building that momentum. You will serve yourself well to continue pressing forward and racking up the mileage along the way with the thought in mind of reaching your long-term goals.

Years ago, I would have agreed and more than likely been content with completing a goal I set for myself and therefore would not be prepared to move on to the next big thing. What I have learned since then is that we must continue moving forward in order to remain in the race. Although it may appear that you will never truly complete anything, the fact is that if you take a step back and reflect on your achievements you will realize you have accomplished a great deal.

What you need to remember is that we must continue challenging ourselves in order to reach our full potential. Many of you have heard me say on more than one occasion that I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up and the fact is that I will continue moving forward to see where this journey leads me. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with celebrating the so-called “Sprints” or completion of the short-term goals, I just caution you not to hang up your shoes once you have reached that particular finish line.

So, lace up your shoes, pace yourself and continue leaning into the wind, eventually you will reach the finish line, but in the meantime, keep up the momentum and keep clocking those miles, you are well on your way.

Are you still in the race?

Dr. Joseph E. Hamlett

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