How do you bounce back after experiencing an unpleasant event? Are you capable of rebounding after stumbling or falling when attempting to complete a task? Do you struggle for long periods of time to overcome a minor setback? Let’s face it, many of us have probably experienced situations that we did not immediately recover from and therefore struggled to prepare for the next challenge or obstacle.

I have learned over the years that typically after some type of incident that has occurred the natural tendency is to linger in the mishap or to resist overcoming the incident, but it has been my experience that the best course of action is to quickly find your footing and spring back into action. Believe me, as I am fully aware that it is much easier said than done and it definitely takes time and experience to have the ability to rebound after some type of setback.

Resiliency is about pushing through the obstacle immediately in front of you, absorbing it and preparing yourself for the next one. The sooner you are able to condition yourself to return back to the normal state the sooner you are ready and able to face the next situation. Not that I am claiming to be an expert in resiliency, I can however, relish in the fact that I have had my fair share of setbacks, challenges and had to overcome many obstacles throughout my life that have led to me becoming more resilient.    

I think back to a conversation I was having with a close friend of mine about a year ago and we were discussing the fact that he didn’t have much experience with bouncing back or recovering after rejection or preparing for the next thing because he had not experienced what he referred to as major life altering events in his life before. At the time, I was somewhat at a loss for words, because in my mind I believed that everyone had faced challenges in their lives similar to what I had faced throughout my life.

Even though it is disheartening to think about, he was correct, the fact of the matter is that it took me many years of facing rejections, setbacks, unique challenges and overcoming many obstacles to put me in a position where I had to be resilient in order to move on or to be prepared for the next big thing. However, I quickly reminded him of some of the challenges he had to overcome in his lifetime that he had not viewed as being that impactful to him, but would be to someone else and after our conversation he realized that he was more resilient than he previously believed himself to believe.

As I have stated in many of my previous blogs throughout this past year, often times we don’t believe we have the ability to bounce back or to face challenges head on, or we don’t accept our own capacity to handle unpleasant situations. Do me a favor, in the near future, if you are faced with overcoming some disastrous or unpleasant event, step back, take a deep breath and remember a time when you were faced with a similar task in which you believed was impossible and during that reflection remember how you were able to conquer that seemingly insurmountable task that put you in the position you are in today. 

Say it with me: I AM RESILIEINT!!

Dr. Joseph E. Hamlett

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